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EBRL are specialist installers of the latest Solar and Battery Technologies for both Residential and Commercial Properties.

 Improve the Energy Efficiency of your property; at EBRL are team of in house specialists can talk you through the various UK Government Incentives based on Carbon Emission Targets including EcoFlex Scheme, ECO4 and various other funding options available. 


Our Solar Panel Funding Check Firn will quickly find the right incentives for you and arrange the relevant surveys required to obtain funding. This is a hassle-free process and in the end, if you do not feel that funding suits you there is no obligation to have any work carried out.

See If You Are Eligible With Our Funding Checker

Adults in the property?
Are you a homeowner?
Annual household income?
Employment Status?

A member of our team will be in touch shortly.


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A solar system using Q CELLS’ high-quality modules is trouble-free and low maintenance. Benefit from best-in-class warranties that reflect commitment to quality products built to last.  Strict test criteria and advanced technologies, such as Hot-Spot Protect and Anti PID Technology, ensure trouble-free operation and reliable output with Q CELLS modules.

Working and Installing Industry Recognized Names That You Can Trust

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Solax Power's market-leading solar battery storage  product Hybrid inverter ensures that you never go without power, even during a power-cut. An emergency power supply or ‘EPS’ switch (only available on ‘E’ models) enables the X-Hybrid to work completely off-grid, meaning that any power you have stored on your batteries will now be used in the event of a power cut.

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Trina Solar residential panels offer home and business owners reliable power paired with great aesthetics. Available with black or silver frames set to black or white backsheets, Trina Solar residential modules deliver a sleek visual profile and are backed by Trina Solar's quality guarantee and industry-leading 25-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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Sofarsolar inverters have a built-in zero export function, are compatible with PV*Sol, they are fitted with extensive protection functions, can allow remote operation, are equipped with advanced communication protocols, operate safely in challenging weather conditions and are capable of storing 25 years of data.

These are just a few of the brands we offer & are subject to availability at time of ordering.

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