Solar PV systems are mounted to your roof or land and provide free clean energy for your home. 

By harnessing the renewable energy of the sun, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels provide electricity to your property for free, reducing your reliance on energy suppliers. 

The energy generated is used to power the lighting and appliances in your home during daylight hours, and when your system is generating more energy than you are using, the excess is fed back to the grid. The excess energy can also be diverted to heat your hot water, or stored for later use.

Did you know?

Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to produce energy, and will still perform well on a cloudy or overcast day.



Quality Guaranteed

Since 2014, we have installed hundreds of residential solar PV systems across England and Wales. Our highly skilled workforce ensure a complete, professional service, from initial enquiry through to system handover.

We are an MCS Certified Installer of solar Photovoltaics. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme is a recognised quality assurance scheme, that guarantees consistently high standards for microgeneration products and installers. As part of this scheme, we are a member of the RECC - Renewable Energy Consumer Code - and are assessed annually to ensure that we continue we meet their high standards of practice. If you wish to claim the Feed-in-Tariff for your solar system, the install must be carried out by an MCS certified company.

We are confident that our services will not meet, but exceed your expectations. We include insured workmanship warranties on our residential installations as standard, and our system components have the most customer-friendly guarantees - including a 25 year linear performance guarantee on our panels.

The Complete Package

EBRL offer a full range of solar PV services including:

- System design
- Installation & commissioning
- Monitoring & optimisation
- Battery storage, hot water switches & PV smart meters
- Maintenance, repair & panel cleaning
- Panel removal / reinstallation

Or perhaps solar is only one aspect of your project? EBRL cater to a full complement of construction and energy-saving services. Our technicians can offer suitable advice and guidance to incorporate a solar system into the overall design, whether it's a new build, extension, roof, or in conjunction with any other works - saving you time and money.


"From the initial contact with EBRL to the conclusion of the solar panels being fitted, it took only three weeks in total. Every member of the EBRL team were both informative and courteous throughout. We have nothing but praise for EBRL as a collective unit, but a special mentioned of the contracts manager, fitters and electricians should be made. We would commend the EBRL firm to any householders thinking of installing solar panels now or in the future."

-Andrew, Market Drayton

"All workmen arrived on time, worked consistently throughout the day and left my home as they found it. All my questions were answered so it was easy to understand."

-Patricia, Dilwyn