By drawing heat from the outside air, in the same way a fridge extracts heat from its inside, air source heat pumps allow you to use renewable heat for your heating systems and/or hot water in your home.  

Heat pumps are compatible with a variety of heating systems, including radiators, underfloor heating or warm air convectors. 

Unlike gas and oil boilers, heat pumps deliver heat at a lower temperature over longer periods, to keep your rooms at their ideal environment throughout the day. 

Did you know?

Heat pumps will still provide heat for your home in outdoor temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees celsius!


New Source of Income

Using renewable energy to heat your home provides access to a government backed incentive - the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). 

You will be paid quarterly over a period of 7 years, for an assumed 20 year lifetime of your system. These payments are index-linked and will rise with inflation. 

Increased Home Value

Energy efficiency is now a key factor influencing the sale price of homes in England, with buyers willing to invest more in a property if they know it will cost less to run in the future. Our panels come with a 25 year linear performance guarantee, making them a safe investment for property buyers.

The DECC published a report stating that energy improvements to your home could increase its value by 14% on average and up to 38% in some parts of England - potentially adding thousands of pounds to its final sale price.

Reduced Heating Bills

Air source heat pumps provide heating and hot water from one single source - the air! The heat extracted from the air is always being naturally renewed, eliminating the need for purchase and delivery of fuel. This serves to lower your fuel bills, especially if the heat pump system replaces a conventional electric or coal heating system.