Why Us &
Why Hybrid?

Big savings

One of the most attractive benefits of a hybrid system is the financial gain that comes from owning one – a huge saving of up to 80% on your electricity bills - a saving that's only possible with a hybrid system like ours.

But not only does a hybrid system offer money-saving benefits in the long run, there are also other advantages to be aware of.

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Did you know?

  • With a hybrid system, you can choose to recharge the battery overnight on Economy 7, a much cheaper energy rate. Then, you can use the saved electricity in the morning, or when your solar panels are not producing enough electricity.
  • Our hybrid systems are monitored twenty-four hours a day and can be remotely checked every five minutes. The good news about this is that any issues discovered are automatically repaired by the portal, so you need not worry.
  • For example, if there was a back surge of electricity from the grid, this can often knock the battery cells over. Now, with a conventional battery system you would need to realise that the battery is not working. Then, you would need to contact the installation company and request for an engineer to be sent out. This process can take up to two weeks. However, our hybrid system is designed to instantly recognise a fault with the battery and remotely repair it. This way you'll be back up and running in five minutes or less.
  • Our Hybrid system is accredited by the following bodies: NICEIC. MCS, EPVS, HIES, Energy Performance Evaluation Scheme (EPVS) - an independent evaluation scheme. When we provide figures on performance and savings, EPVS validates those figures and gives the customer a certificate stating that the figures are correct. You can be assured we are always 100% honest regarding the performance of our products.
  • Our Hybrid system is quick and easy to install with a maximum lead time of only two weeks and a one-day installation. Better yet, it's not a messy job either. The inverter/battery is fitted in the loft, and the panels are on the roof, making for minimal internal work that is left clean after installation.
  • To give you peace of mind, our guarantee is included within the terms of the contract, as well as a certificate of insurance from HIES. Our guarantee is ten years, along with a manufacturer's twenty-five year linear guarantee on the performance of the panels.

Having said that, you can be rest assured that we will only provide the finest products, combined with the very best of our services.

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