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Who are social energy?

Social Energy are digitising the energy industry, delivering organic renewable energy, through a network of homeowners with solar, across the UK.

As approved partners we can share with you their smart energy platform. This allows you to generate, store and trade 100% renewable energy and get paid a market leading price for doing so. Using smart battery technology, you can reduce your bills by up to 70%, with 5 fully automated revenue streams.

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Using Social Energy’s exclusive trading tariff, you get access to cheap green electricity 24 hours a day, meaning you don’t have to change your lifestyle, to save on your energy bills.

The Economy 24 tariff is made possible by a proprietary AI platform, that measures the energy usage in your home on a second by second basis. With over 600 million data points generated per home per year, the artificial intelligence can predict your energy usage and market conditions 24 hours in advance. This means we can trade effectively for you, making sure that you have the cheapest energy no matter when you need it.

As the only energy provider with National Grid qualification for domestic energy trading, together we can unlock the revenue potential of the energy markets. You keep 70% of all the trading benefits generated by your system. Social Energy keeps 30% to fund their continuing work.

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Let's go back in time

Solar is the most powerful and accessible renewable energy source, capable of transforming the way we live. With fossil fuels running ever lower and the planet entering a state of climate emergency, solar is the answer we need!

2011     43p a unit

timeline line with circle

2012     21p a unit

timeline line

2013     15p a unit

timeline line

2015     12p a unit

timeline line

2016     4p a unit

timeline line

2019     Government scraps tariff

timeline line


Light bulb
"We wished we had bought when the tariff was 43p a unit."

New era, old tech...

When the Tariff finally went, an opportunity was created for another product to generate the benefits to the customer.

The Battery

The concept is simple, much like a rechargeable battery you’d use around your home, the battery stores energy and can discharge it when you need it. It adds some value, to increase the benefit of having a new solar installation.

solar panel icon

3,000 units at 20-40%
(self consumption)


battery icon

Standard batteries
add another 6-19%


Self consumption

Metered Export
As little as 1p per unit

The future of solar, today...

Everything nowadays is ‘smart’. We have smartphones, smart homes, smart watches and even smart fridges.

Now solar technology is joining the smart revolution. With a smart battery system from Social Energy, you benefit from 5 revenue streams, as opposed to the 2 delivered with a standard battery.

EXPORT (we pay more for your export than anyone eles!)
solar panel icon



battery icon



battery icon

Economy 24


battery icon

SE Hub


Upto £25,000 extra

digital data going round the globe

Clever technology, designed for you

We make things fully autonomous, so you needn’t worry about what your energy is doing. But if you want to see, you can get everything in one place.

In our simple app, Social Energy customers can access their smart energy account. From monitoring your energy trading, through to seeing your direct debit for your energy bill, all of your energy is just a tap away.

Plus, you can see the difference that you’re making to the environment, both historically and in realtime.

Your monthly green report:
Green solar icon

215.9kWh - Solar generation

Green coal icon

75.3Kg - Coal saved

Green car icon

367.0 miles (petrol car) - Greenhouse gas equivalent

Green coal icon

2.6 trees - Planted to achieve the same carbon offset

Phone mock up

Exclusive to Social Energy

5 ways to earn & save

With a social energy battery system, you unlock 5 ways to make the most out of your solar generation.


Self Consumption [Value Level: High]

Once your home is generating free solar energy, you want to be using as much of that energy in your home as possible, reducing your paid import from the grid. Your battery will store excess solar for you to use later on in the day.


Trading [Value Level: Medium]

Wholesale energy markets work a lot like stock markets, with prices fluctuating massively, from negative pricing up to thousands of pounds per wholesale unit! We automatically buy cheap or free energy, store it in your battery and sell it back to the grid, when it’s most expensive.


Avoid Network Charges [Value Level: Medium]

Much like the train network, the energy network in the UK has busy and quiet times of the day. To encourage usage in quieter times, networks charge lower ‘off-peak’ costs to use energy when many others aren’t. Our AI automatically ensures you’re buying off-peak energy, so that you can avoid paying peak network prices, normally built into your bill.


Grid Balancing [Value Level: High]

The National Grid needs to constantly stay at a balanced frequency, otherwise we can end up with blackouts across the country. Social Energy batteries are the only domestic systems qualified to help balance grid, a valuable service, which you get paid to do.


Export [Value Level: Low]

Our systems help to minimise your export, as we can create bigger earnings and savings through trading for you. This means you end up exporting less than a typical customer with a low-tech battery. But when you do export, we pay the best export tariff in the industry!

= Exclusive to Social Energy
digital data going round the globe

Join Thousands of Consumers Using a HIES Member

HIES was established to provide comprehensive protection for consumers purchasing renewable products.
HIES is a bonded insurance company.

Our aim is to provide you with trust and confidence when purchasing energy saving,
energy storage or energy generating products.

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