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We are an approved partner of the cashbackAPP and by working together we can save you further pounds, shillings and pence.
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Once you book your survey we will register your details, with your permission of course, and you will instantly enjoy not only cashback from major retailers such as Tesco or Sainsbury’s but also impressive discounts at local restaurants and other leisure facilities.

There are over 40,275 Cashbackpoint locations. Your favourite restaurants, bars, clubs and shops will actually pay you to shop, in fact the average savings per year are £400* upwards. It’s not be sniffed at and can help fund your purchase.

More importantly this scheme will allow you to see who is the best energy provider for you and let you switch at the touch of button with a further average annual saving of £180 a year, if you have not switched in the last 18 months.

Although you can register for this scheme yourself the added benefit of going through EBRL is that will pay for the upgraded account giving access to even more savings.

All you to need to do is book a survey.

* Subject to usage

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