EBRL aim to inspire and enable sustainable living through energy efficient construction, materials and design.

A family run business, we began trading in the electrical services sector in 1975, became incorporated in 2009 and continue to grow, thanks to our dedicated and skilled workforce.Today, we help our clients realise construction and renovation projects in a way that reduces the financial and environmental cost of any structure.

Serving a wide array of residential and commercial clients across England and Wales, our extensive experience and expertise allows for a fully integrated service that considers all project requirements.


Eco builds

Achieve the best possible version of your build.

An EBRL build minimises the requirement for energy consumption in any structure, by utilising Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF).

Compared with traditional building techniques, this fabric-first approach ensures a shorter build time, lower carbon emissions and a significant reduction in energy costs for the end user.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Our installations generate free electricity or heat for home or commercial premises, allowing you to reduce your energy bills without switching supplier.

And with government incentives available, you can even make money for generating your own energy.

Our renewable energy services include feasibility studies, bespoke design, installation, maintenance and repair for a wide range of renewable technologies.

Building Services

We complement our specialist services with a full host of building services, allowing EBRL to deliver a fully integrated service that can cater to any residential or commercial-scale project, including design, installation, maintenance and repair.

Electrical works, air conditioning, plumbing, heating, roof, triple glazing: EBRL can assist with any single element of your building/refurbishment, or cater to the entire project under one roof.


“To do the right thing - this is the single core value that has taken EBRL from strength to strength since we began trading in 1975. This commitment not only drives the way we seek to do business, but has adjusted our thought and design processes to ensure we are doing the best by our clients and their communities at every opportunity.

With the ongoing issues of climate change, pollution, fuel security, and fuel cost, we feel it is prudent to assist in reducing carbon emissions and energy costs by utilising the sustainable building and renewable technologies available today. We do not look to employ modern technologies to increase the capital cost of projects, but instead to lay the groundwork for cost-effective solutions right from project conception. In doing so, the environmental and financial benefits of an energy-efficient building live on long after our involvement.

No two projects are the same, and we recognise the importance of tailoring our services to clients’ requirements. We know that communication is the key to delivery, and this is a philosophy we foster from the top down. We pride ourselves in being not simply a service provider, but your partner.

Our ultimate goal is your recommendation. This is why when you work with EBRL, you are guaranteed to receive quality service.